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Aïmeur, Esma Full Professor Artificial intelligence

Computer privacy
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2361 514-343-6794 Upload the vCard of Aïmeur, Esma
Bengio, Yoshua Full Professor Machine learning for computer graphics

Data mining
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3243 514-343-6804 Upload the vCard of Bengio, Yoshua
Brassard, Gilles Full Professor Quantum information science

PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2215 514-343-6807 Upload the vCard of Brassard, Gilles
El-Mabrouk, Nadia Full Professor Bioinformatics

Computational biology
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3163 514-343-7481 Upload the vCard of El-Mabrouk, Nadia
Feeley, Marc Full Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2389 514-343-7477 Upload the vCard of Feeley, Marc
Hahn, Gena Full Professor Design and analysis of algorithms

Graph colourings
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3351 514-343-6806 Upload the vCard of Hahn, Gena
Hamel, Sylvie Full Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3161 514-343-6111 #3504 Upload the vCard of Hamel, Sylvie
L Écuyer, Pierre Full Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3361 514-343-2143 Upload the vCard of L Écuyer, Pierre
Langlais, Philippe Full Professor Natural language processing

Automatic translation
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2233 514-343-6111 #47494 Upload the vCard of Langlais, Philippe
Major, François Full Professor PAVILLON MARCELLE-COUTU - 3306-11 514-343-6752 Upload the vCard of Major, François
Marcotte, Patrice Full Professor

Adjunct Professor
Operations research

Nonlinear optimization
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2163 PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3387 514-343-5941 514-343-5941 Upload the vCard of Marcotte, Patrice
McKenzie, Pierre Full Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3143 514-343-6176 Upload the vCard of McKenzie, Pierre
Meunier, Jean Full Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2387 514-343-7107 Upload the vCard of Meunier, Jean
Nie, Jian-Yun Full Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2241 514-343-2263 Upload the vCard of Nie, Jian-Yun
Potvin, Jean-Yves Full Professor Logistics

PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT Upload the vCard of Potvin, Jean-Yves
Poulin, Pierre Full Professor

Computer graphics

Image synthesis
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2389 514-343-6780 Upload the vCard of Poulin, Pierre
Stewart, Neil Frederick Full Professor Solid modelling

Subdivision surfaces
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2357 514-343-7483 Upload the vCard of Stewart, Neil Frederick
Gendron, Bernard Full Professor Operational research

Combinatorial optimization
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3383 514-343-7093 Upload the vCard of Gendron, Bernard
Hafid, Abdelhakim Full Professor Network management

Network design
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2219 514-343-2446 Upload the vCard of Hafid, Abdelhakim
Lapalme, Guy Full Professor Natural language processing

Text generation
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2223 514-343-6111 #47493 Upload the vCard of Lapalme, Guy
Sahraoui, Houari Full Professor Software engineering

Empirical software engineering
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2163 514-343-5746 Upload the vCard of Sahraoui, Houari
Tapp, Alain Full Professor Informatique théorique PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3345 514-343-6111 #1656 Upload the vCard of Tapp, Alain
Mignotte, Max Full Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2377 514-343-5747 Upload the vCard of Mignotte, Max
Bellec, Pierre-Louis Assistant Professor on loan Traitement d'images

Imagerie médicale
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT Upload the vCard of Bellec, Pierre-Louis
Boyer, Michel Associate Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3347 514-343-7220 Upload the vCard of Boyer, Michel
Monnier, Stefan Associate Professor

Associate Professor
Proof assistants

Compilation and interpretation
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2341 PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2341 514-343-6111 #47617 514-343-6111 #30437 Upload the vCard of Monnier, Stefan
Roy, Sébastien Associate Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2391 514-343-6852 Upload the vCard of Roy, Sébastien
Salvail, Louis Associate Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3369 514-343-6111 #47660 Upload the vCard of Salvail, Louis
Vincent, Pascal Associate Professor Artificial intelligence

Machine learning
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3251 514-343-7472 Upload the vCard of Vincent, Pascal
Csuros, Miklos Associate Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3149 514-343-6111 #1655 Upload the vCard of Csuros, Miklos
Bastin, Fabian Associate Professor Mathematical optimization

Nonlinear programming
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3367 514-343-6952 Upload the vCard of Bastin, Fabian
Frejinger, Emma Associate Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3385 514-343-6111 #47662 Upload the vCard of Frejinger, Emma
Syriani, Eugène Associate Professor Software engineering

Model-driven engineering
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2345 514-343-6111 #47497 Upload the vCard of Syriani, Eugène
Courville, Aaron Assistant Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3253 514-343-6111 #3520 Upload the vCard of Courville, Aaron
Paull, Liam Assistant Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2347 514-343-6111 #26949 Upload the vCard of Paull, Liam
Lacoste-Julien, Simon Assistant Professor Machine learning

Nonlinear optimization
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3339 514-343-6822 Upload the vCard of Lacoste-Julien, Simon
Famelis, Michail Assistant Professor Software engineering

Formal methods
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 2343 514-343-6111 #25835 Upload the vCard of Famelis, Michail
Thomaszewski, Bernhard Assistant Professor Modélisation et simulation numérique

Fabrication numérique
PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 6189 514-343-6111 #3507 Upload the vCard of Thomaszewski, Bernhard
Mitliagkas, Ioannis Assistant Professor PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT - 3359 514-343-6111 #36395 Upload the vCard of Mitliagkas, Ioannis