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Frejinger, Emma

Associate Professor


  • Telephone 514-343-6111 #47662 Pav. PAVILLON ANDRE-AISENSTADT \ Ext. 3385


Frejinger, Emma


Journal articles

Fosgerau, M., Frejinger, E. and Karlstrom, M. (2013). A link based network route choice model with unrestricted choice set, Transportation Research Part B, 56:70-80

Gao, S., Frejinger, E. and Ben-Akiva, M. (2011). Cognitive cost in route choice with real-time traffic information: An exploratory analysis, Transportation Research Part A, 45(9):916-926. 

Gao, S., Frejinger, E. and Ben-Akiva, M. (2010). Adaptive Route Choices in Risky Traffic Networks: A Prospect Theory Approach, Transportation Research Part C, 18(5):727-740. 

Frejinger, E., Bierlaire, M. and Ben-Akiva, M. (2009). Sampling of alternatives for route choice modeling, Transportation Research Part B 43(10):984-994.

Gao, S., Frejinger, E., and Ben-Akiva, M. (2008). Adaptive Route Choice Models in Stochastic Time-Dependent Networks, Transportation Research Record 2085: 136-143.

Bierlaire, M., and Frejinger, E. (2008). Route choice modeling with network-free data, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 16(2):187-198.

Frejinger, E., and Bierlaire, M. (2007). Capturing correlation with subnetworks in route choice models, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 41(3):363-378. 

Book chapters

Gao, S., Frejinger, E. and Ben-Akiva, M. (2011). Cognitive Cost in Route Choice with Real-Time Information: An Exploratory Analysis. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 17: 136-149. (Papers selected for the 19th International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory, Berkeley, CA, USA, 18-20 July 2011.) Eds. Cassidy, M. J. and Skabardonis, A., Also published in Transportation Research Part A. 

Frejinger, E. and Bierlaire, M. (2010). On path generation algorithms for route choice models. In S. Hess and A. Daly (eds.) Choice Modelling: The State-of-the-Art and the State-of-Practice (ISBN: 978-1-84950-772-1) pp.307-315. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Other publications

Frejinger, E. (2008). Route Choice Analysis: Data, Models, Algorithms and Applications, PhD Thesis no 4009, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL).

M. Vrtic, N. Schussler, A. Erath, K.W. Axhausen, E. Frejinger, M. Bierlaire, S. Stojanovic, R. Rudel and R. Maggi (2006) Including travelling costs in the modelling of mobility behaviour, Final report for SVI research program Mobility Pricing: Project B1, on behalf of the Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, IVT ETH Zurich, ROSO EPF Lausanne and USI Lugano.

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