About the Department

The Department of Computer Science and Operations Research (DIRO) was one of the 1st university-level computer science departments in North America. The DIRO is part of the Faculty of Arts and Science and has been training computer scientists for 5 decades now: our graduates have gone on to change the worlds of technology, business, academics, medicine, transportation, and communications.

At the master's and doctoral levels, the international-calibre research conducted in the DIRO is a major attraction for students looking for a cutting-edge environment in which to study and work.

The DIRO also maintains close ties with industry. For example, our NSERC-Ubisoft Industrial Research Chair focuses on applying the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence approaches developed in the DIRO to video games, and our Co-op program gives students the opportunity to gain relevant work experience in industry during their studies.

British firm QS ranks the Université de Montréal 40th in the world in operations research – as well as 3rd in Canada in computer science & information systems – while NTU has it 81st in the world in computer science.

The Computer Science and Operations Research Department consists of:

  • 1 Some 40 professors, all well-established researchers in their respective communities
  • 2 3 Canada Research Chairs
  • 3 465 undergraduate students
  • 4 Close to 300 graduate students
  • 5  More than $4 million in research grants and contracts