D.E.S.S. in machine learning

This program aims to develop the knowledge of machine learning techniques, the tools linked to them, as well as the applications of machine learning in the field of artificial intelligence. Holders of this degree will be able to deploy these techniques in a very wide range of scenarios.

Questions about this program?

Langlais, Philippe, full professor: 514 343-6111, post 47494

Read the graduate studies guide at the DIRO (in French).

Type path

D.E.S.S. courses are distributed as follows:

     14 compulsory credits awarded to an internship
     16 optional credits.

Participation in Department seminars is mandatory.

D.E.S.S. takes place over one year and should take the following form:

Fall :

     2 classes - 8 credits


     2 classes - 8 credits

Summer :

     4 months internship (via MILA, IFT 6918) - 14 credits