Procédure pour un stage à la maîtrise

Before starting the internship

  • The student must have finished all his courses before beginning his internship.
  • The internship should be a minimum of 6 months.
  • You should discuss with your research supervisor who can help you identify companies that might be taking trainees.
  • The trainee must quickly obtain from the host company a completed copy of the "Registration of Internship" service request form. This agreement must be signed by the student and the research director and submitted to the graduate TGDE.
  • Your research supervisor agrees to meet with the intern's supervisor and oversee the student's internship.

Once the intership is finished

  • At the latest 3 months after the official end of the internship, the student sends to the TGDE of the graduate cycles (at the following email address:, a report (about forty pages minimally) mentioning the problem studied, the solution provided and the knowledge acquired during the internship. The report must be in pdf format.
  • The student must, in addition, send to his employer the evaluation form that the employer must return duly completed to the TGDEof the graduate cycles at the following email address:

Evaluation of the internship report

Upon receipt of the internship report:

  • an official receipt is issiued by the TGDE of the graduate studies for your deposit of your internship's report.
  • The head of graduate studies appoints a jury consisting of the research director (chair of the jury) and another professor.
  • The TGDE sends to the jury the internship report, the evaluation form and the employer's assessment sheet.
  • This jury then has 4 weeks to evaluate the report and a non-contributory note to the average will be awarded.
  • The award of a grade lower than C terminates the student's application (art.67.3).
  • The jury send back the evaluation form to the TGDE and the associated grade is entered in the student's academic file.

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