Procedure for deposit Ph.D. Computer Sc. Thesis

Here is the procedure if you want to deposit P.h.D. Computer Sc. Thesis to the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research.
Several forms must be submitted to DIRO’s secretary before submitting your M.Sc. Thesis:
« Avis de dépôt et Rédiger son mémoire ou thèse par article » :

  • Provide the « Avis de dépôt de thèse » form 1 or 2 months before deposit of the version for evaluation of your Thesis. See the form to be completed on the website of FESP.

  • If necessary, complete the « Rédiger sa thèse par article » form to request the writing your Thesis by article. See the form to be completed on the website of DIRO.

  • The link for the Latex template can be found on the website of DIRO.

  • Write your Thesis according to the formatting of page 21 of the FESP’s « Guide de présentation de mémoire et thèse ». See the page on the website of DIRO.

  • With the approval of your supervisor, you must send the version for evaluation of your Thesis in PDF form by email to your DIRO’s secretary

  • Following receipt of your Thesis, the DIRO’s secretary will send your Thesis to the members of evaluation jury :

    • For the Thesis, the members of the jury must wait to receive the evaluation of the external examiner with his comments (1 month).
      1. On receipt of these comments, the other members of the jury meet and decide to recommend the defense of this Thesis.

      2. Following the defense, the student must take the corrections requested by the jury.

      3. The DIRO’s secretary will receive the form « rapport définitif » signed by all members of the jury and she will send an email to the student with the explanations for deposit his/her Thesis in Papyrus.

      4. The confirmation of the deposit in Papyrus will be sent to the DIRO’s secretary who will do the processing for the graduation.

      5. The student may apply for a « attestation de fin d’études » from :
        (The student must provide his name, matricule and number of his program of study)
      6. The student must have paid all his tuition fees, check his address at home in his Student Center – Synchro. In order to receive his diploma within 6 to 9 months after the end the processing for the graduation, either by mail or at the graduation of his program, by the end of May of each year. See the “Collation des grades de l’Université de Montréal” website.